Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic Science Submit Manuscript

    Aims and Scope

    Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal publishing original clinical and translational articles and reviews, etc. in the field of addiction medicine and therapeutics.  Submission topics of particular interest in addiction science include, but are not limited to:

    Addiction Science: Psychiatry and Mental 

    • Human clinical, epidemiological, experimental, public health policies and historical research relating to alcohol and drug use disorders
    • Advances in psychiatry and psychology
    • Mental health and addiction-related experimental and clinical research Public health
    • Detoxification, rehabilitation, harm reduction, abstinence-based treatment, individual and group therapies, oversight of halfway houses, treatment of withdrawal-related symptoms, acute intervention, and long term therapies designed to reduce likelihood of relapse
    • Addiction to non-drug related disorders such as gambling
    • Addictive disease
    • Non-drug related compulsive or related disorders (e.g., eating, sex, computer, exercise)
    • Literature reviews
    Biology of Addiction
    • Clinical and preclinical research
    • Genetics, including pharmacogenomics
    • Pharmacology/Neuropharmacology
    • Epidemiology
    • Neuroscience
    • Biology and physiology
    • Medical Sociology
    • Literature Reviews